Retail industry implies a high percentage of outsourcing; that is why automating the control of document workflow is extremely important. The employment contract law establishes that it is the responsibility of the party who hires a service to control the fulfillment of third parties’ duties; otherwise, he/she will be jointly and severally liable.

Lack of integration of control processes into logistics, due to the decentralization of information, entails that 90% of the time is spent on control and only 10% on analysis. This leads to risk increase, and unfeasibility of preventive control.

It is intended for

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Banks

  • Operators and logistics centers

  • Mass consumption companies


  • It creates areas of preventive control of contractors and outsourced companies, integrating the control processes of different sectors.

    • Control of document, tax and employment obligations, status of resources, vehicles involved in the company logistics, etc.
    • Payment processing.
  • It offers a flexible tool for reliable and confidential information as a means of communication and control of suppliers.

    • Gathers and streamlines data and information from all areas of the company to prevent simultaneous data and users online.
    • Unlimited user queries and document uploads.
    • Speedy communication with expiry date alerts, and reports.
    • Implementation of the tool supported by training and instruction manuals so that it can be readily used.