Wild Data allows you to determine what documents are concerned with a work relationship between a company and a group of people, the follow up and control of such documentation, and due notices when it is to expire or needs to be renewed.

It is intended for

  • Construction company: at internal level, and in their relationship with contractors.
  • Developer: to manage internal administration, supervise the construction company, and keep track of investors’ chain of payments.
  • Contractors: to keep record of their administrative documentation.
    Sub-contractors or Crews paid by production and/or work progress. This type of “subcontracts” often requires a control of the personnel that performs tasks within this scheme, in order to include discounts to the agreed value contingent on progress and/or production; for example, hours paid by the company, final settlements, etc. As far as control is concerned, we mean that pay stubs, final settlements, telegrams, etc. are to be presented in order to make financial decisions, such as paying the total of advanced payment or keeping a contingency fund for unforeseen claims.


  • It controls document filing, and due dates so as to make financial decisions, such as whether or not a payment should be made, or if penalties for breach of contract are applicable.

  • Download of information, and reports listing the names of contractors, and all important data in terms of requirements and payments.

  • It requests documents in order to track and monitor any failure to present due documentation. In this case, either an alert is sent or the payment is suspended.

    • Upload of one-time documents: company’s incorporation of the party who will enter into the agreement.
      • Examples of documents include:
        • Signed contract
        • Proof of IERIC registration
        • Approved health and safety plan
        • Bank account details
        • ART contract
        • Life insurance policy, advance payment bond (APB), contract performance policy
    • Upload of recurrent documents: employees’ paperwork (details of the employees who will have access to the site, current pay stubs, contribution forms, ART, special driving licenses for machines and/or vehicles, as well as the permits and documents for these vehicles).
      • Example of documents (to be requested in case of modifications / updates)
        • Machine list
        • Current insurance policies for machines and staff on site
        • List of workers, machines and vehicles
        • Pre-employment screening
        • Copy of CUIL (employees’ tax numbers)
        • AFIP registration
        • Policy coverage certificate including ART information and clauses
        • Policy coverage certificate with mandatory life insurance payroll
        • Civil liability, vehicle, machine and equipment policies.
        • Documents to be checked on monthly; submitted together with the progress certificate.
        • Examples of documents include:
        • Payment of contributions to AFIP (F931).
        • Certificate of coverage with ART payroll
        • Policy coverage certificate with mandatory life insurance payroll
        • Union dues (UOCRA)
        • Unemployment fund deposit
        • IERIC (Construction industry institute) payment
        • Pay stub
        • Repair fund policy
        • Payments of civil liability, vehicle, machine and equipment policies.