We help you centralize information, and define owners’ and suppliers’ paperwork requirements in order to verify compliance.


The system enables to monitor and generate alerts on the basis of parameters defined by the client, thus minimizing the risk of non-compliance; including notice of payment of property expenses, payment of utility bills, expiry dates of payment to suppliers, elevator maintenance, water tank cleaning, fire extinguishers replacement, etc.

It is intended for

  • Owners’ association managers: it allows automating the control and follow-up of property management, as well as the control of the suppliers‘ documents. For instance, verifying that all safety and quality requirements are fulfilled or that the residents have complied with due payments and other obligations.

  • Owners: By using Wild Data the owners are able to control management. That is to say, they can verify that all payments stay up to date along with the corresponding documentation, thus preventing debts that may entail legal or financial accountability.